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Finally, I found my mom

Whenever you are feeling down, you know that a tender hand will reach out to you, and a big heart that loves and cares for you.

Where did Noor disappear ?

Nour loves playing, she is always having fun. Until she met me one day, and something about her changed.

Mr. Spot and his seven colours

Normally Mr. Splotch would carry on with his daily chores wearing a different color for each chore. What made him wear all the colors of the rainbow this time?

Uncle Mansour

Uncle Mansour is a kind man and a skilled painter. But he smokes greedily Neighborhood kids are trying to help him quit smoking. Do you think the children will succeed in doing that?

The pink spider

Toota the spider had a little secret. She wove her new web on a large tree with pink leaves. Who is coming to visit Toota?

Salma The Lawyer

Salma loves her animal friends and spends a lot of time playing with them. One day they cause trouble, so Salma's parents ask that all animals leave the house. What will Salma do to keep her friends closeby?

Tik Tok over time

This sing-along book teaches the Gregorian year in months and numbers.
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