To present exceptional content in the fields of varied knowledge and literature. We aim to bring forth distinctive and new content by utilizing modern means in traditional and digital publishing and to enhance their role within the coming years.
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To encourage young talents
Choosing the best constructive works

who are we?

Loaloa Publishing and Distribution was established in Dubai in 2019. It aims to foster creativity and knowledge in line with the UAE’s boom in modernity, through its continuous efforts in selecting ideal content for its publications and thereby leaving behind a reputable mark in the local and regional publishing industry.
Loaloa places extreme importance on Arabic books catered for children and young adults, as this an ever-growing field that has a positive impact on Arab youth. Arabic literature helps youngsters identify with their environment and increases their affinity for focus and concentration.
One of Loaloa’s main goals is to raise the levels of talent, skill and culture awareness in the community and to leave an indelible mark in the field of knowledge and literature culture. We place special emphasis on discovering and nurturing young talents so that they progress in their creative endeavors. We also focus on instilling the quest for knowledge and cultivating the love of reading and immersion in literature, art and culture.

In Numbers

100% Positive customer reviews
40+ Releases
20+ International exhibition

To enhance the culture of reading and stimulate creativity within the community of youth in the Arab region via presenting literature high in language and content quality, and to participate with Arab publishers to advance in the regional book industry and provide the top books to the Arab reader.

Our Goals

Main Goals

To create works on a high level of quality and leave a mark in the Arab and international publishing market.
To encourage young talents and discover promising writers.
To commit to instilling knowledge in the young generation by providing exceptional content, and thereby contributing to the country’s progress.